Monday, December 29, 2008

when i see the vision in my eyes,
every time when i start to cry,
all the memories in my mind,
its ruining my life,

when i see you with your smile,
feel happily all the time,
now i know your with that smile,
is for another guy,

baby, all your memories with me,
will be vanish by the stars tonight,
baby, please let go of me,
I'm the one making you cry all the time,

all the pain is killing me,
making me what i don't wanna be,
that guy is bugging me,
he makes you cry,

baby, please be with me,
your the one makes me free,
i will love u for all my life,
until the day i die....

baby, all your love for me,
have change me to be what i wanna be,
I'm sorry for all the times that fly,
now its time to say goodbye tonight,

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ReX said...

check it out.. tell ur frens and family.. spread it..